Avril Lavigne <3

Avril Lavigne <3

Friday, May 30, 2008


last day of work!! i mean last day of the week lah..
tomorrow off. YEAH!! coz need to go church..
whole day also.. which means the same also..
somemore wake so damn early for driving lesson
and pre test. PRE TEST!!! omg.. so nervous!!!
hope i'll do well.. kinda forgot a bit leh.. haha
coz i worked for five days. everyday also damn
busy.. haiya.. nvm i think i will have my lesson before
the test tmr.. hmm wish me luck ;)
worked for a week ad.. tmr roadshow last day..
after that will be working in the office d..
damn cold lah our office.. walao.. like the electricity free one..
hahaha i think its non-adjustable.. i dont know lah..
i prefer to hav roadshow. even though we need to stand lah.
but then more fun.. coz manager not there to keep an eye on us.
hahaha we always makan ular there one.. talking with each
other.. then give flyers lo.. easy job lah..
when ppl ask only explain to them lo.. haih.. everyday
also talk so much.. hahaha xD
today ahh... oh yah.. met joseph lee tok kong!
so surprise to see him. haha even though i just saw him
like last week.. hahahaha zzz
well, met adeline n april too.
didnt know adeline's bf was an ex-fitness consultant.
hahahha.. ohya.. i met zaira and khairina too!
i didnt know jana knows them..
they came to talked with jana..
i dont think they recog me.. they like.. uhhh..
forget bout it.. last time i and zaira quite good one..
but then later i changed sch d then didnt contact vy long..
i like her la last time when pri sch time..
she damn cute one.. hahaha
now big ad.. pretty lo.. khairina ok lah..
a bit fat lo hahaha.. the last time i saw her is like
few years back. in cs also.. that time she very pretty..
with long curly hair.. damn pretty..
hmm anyway, they dont recog me d.. whatever la. lol
tmr OFFFFFF!!! wheeeeeeeeee!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2nd day of work. WORK OUT!!

phew~ just got back from work..
tired but fun.. today more fun than yesterday..
haha.. dont know why...? coz i got a sale today..
well, can be considered tomorrow lah..
tomorrow got quite a few appointments..
hmm... hope all of them will sign up haha..
met quite alot of frens today..
met sue lynn, gosh, its been so long since i last met her.
which is like few years back? or even maybe one decade.
hahahahaha!! miss you girl!!
met choo yee too, shes on her way to work.
ahaha, joey asked her to come for interview.. lol
havent tell her yet.. hahaha xD
oh yeah i met danny! and benny..
we went sushi king to hav dinner..
so ngam is my dinner time.. hahaha
i saw then i was like, "eh, danny!!"
then i ran to him. hahaha like so long didnt see ad..
well, quite long also lah.. almost a month d..
after that at 9+ i met casper.. he's with his fren..
so i brought him up to see our beautiful fitness centre.
hahahaha.. he loves it. so hope he can consider to join.
wuahahaha~!!! uhm. he said he'll come tmr..
so hope he wont ffk if not he sure kena from me.
lol.. yeah after 8+ i went for work out..
oh damn it.. i very long didnt exercise ad..
so i get tired very easily.. hahahaha xD
but at least i can do 3 sets.. each sets 10 times leh..
not bad ah.. haha but im not satisfied with wad i did..
i need to do more.. tomorrow. hahaha.
coz today didnt bring attire mah.. so tmr i'll bring..
and then work out.. need to burn all my FATs and CALORIES!

Monday, May 26, 2008

first day of work!

made tons of phone calls.
stood half day giving flyers.
damn it.. legs damn tired..
i hope this roadshow end faster!
its ending this week..
so people, if u go cs, u'll see me..
hahaha.. the booth is opposite McD level 1.
come find me ok.
i'll give u the coupon for free trial.
and after the trial u can sign up.
its a very good deal..
this week we're having promotion.
next week the membership fee will increase d.
so this week come sign up from me ok!
promise u'll get a healthier body..
plus sure u will lose weight if u want..
or even gain weight..
build ur muscles and everything!
we have steam and sauna room..
cool right.. yup and err..
dancing classes including hip hop, new jazz,
reggae, belly dancing, ballroom dance ( latin, salsa, chacha)
and yoga, pilates, yogasanas classes.
with kickboxing, cardio mix, ABS, and etc...
see, sounds great right..
so, come and i'll tell u more.. haha xD
well, was quite tired the whole day..
hmm.. took bus and walked back home..
my bro walked from home to their to walk back with me..
aww so sweet right..
dont jealous ah... ahahaha
one of the benefit of having a bro.
ahaha. thankyous, bro :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


last friday went clark hatch to fill up the application form..

hmm... then i asked wl to accompany.. haha..
we took bus to cs.. i'll be taking bus to cs everyday starting from tmr..
man.... damn sian.. haihzz... alright..
after filling up the application it was still early..
coz we decided to follow ou yang to church after that..
so it was about 1 - 2pm..
went secret recipe to hav lunch with eugene lor..
he's the senior fitness consultant, the one who intro this job to me..
haha then after that met up wl's cousin..
went sushi king to eat, AGAIN!
was like so damn full i cant even finish my meal in secret recipe lo.
lol then after that wl's cousin ajak us to neway..
since we so free then we went lo.. from 5-7pm.
oh ya the funny part is here... we went there..
the lady asked us to show our student cards...
i didnt bring it.. i forgot to bring my ic too, i put it at the other wallet..
haha then then then...
the neway lady : "anyone has Neway member card?"
me : "i have! i have!" *rushes to my wallet, took out, and showed her*
wl : *stares and throw the card back at me* "eh, we're at Neway lah..."
me : "huh?" *blur* *took out the card* "oh ya... sorry... paiseh paiseh.. hehe"
hahahahhaa.. i actually showed her RedBox card...!!!
funny funny.. everyone was laughing.. lol.. hahha..
i seldom go neway la thats why..
then after that about 7 something went to church lor..
damn tired... after we reached home i bathed and sleep.. zzz
p/s : tomorrow first day of work!! so excited and nervous..
next week my pre-test! nervous.. hahaha

Friday, May 23, 2008

2nd driving lesson

just came back from my driving lesson.. haha..
this time is the second time lah.. the previous time was
the first time.. but before that i already learned 3 hours..
ok lah it doesnt matter. hahaha.. practice my parking,
up hill, and 3 point turn today.. next sat is my pre test!
oh gosh, im so nervous.. im scared that i'll fail my test..
hahah but i think i wont.. i did so well today.. wahahaha
drove in main road today.. around perling... then drove back home!
man, im so proud of myself!! ahahaha *perasan*
oh ya.. and Clark Hatch is employing me!!
wheeeeeeeeee.. happy happy.. can go work out ad..
hahaha well, looking forward to a bikini-licious body...
wooohoo!!! hmm.. i think i will start work very soon..
will have no time to blog then.. hmm.. sad.. hahaha xD
will update when i have the time to yeah!! sorry readers!!
ya right.. as if there're readers reading my blog.. haha whatever.. lol

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1st driving lesson

went for driving lesson last mon before went in to singapore..
for the second time.. hahaha.. completely forgot wad i've learned
on the first time, parking, 3 point turn, and up hill..
hahaha.. still can roughly rmb it lah.. haha
then this time damn teruk.. engine died alot of times..
hahaha then the uncle keep scolding.. ahhaha
actually he didnt really scold lah he just talk like
as if he's scolding.. the way he said it lah..
anyway i keep laughing only coz i found it very funny...
for the 2 hours i only did parking, 3 point turn, and up hill only..
then this coming friday going to learn in main road ad..
wah scared scared.. hahas.. maybe next time after this fri
will be my pre-test.. wahhhh damn nervous ad now..
hahaha hope i'll do well. pray for me people! thankyous :)

back from singapore!!

hey guys! well, just got back from singapore..
man, was so tired! walk alot.. almost every minute
i'm walking.. in singapore is like that one.. haih~
we went in on last mon evening.. which is vesak's day
and a public holiday so quite jam but still ok lah..
hmm.. then we met Unc. James from bugis bus station.
then he brought us to marine parade..
east coast park ba if im not wrong..
that day was a holiday so alot ppl there..
cycling, camping by the seaside, picnic-ing,
skating, roller blading, flying kites,...
alot ah... damn many ppl.. then we go
walk walk only lor.. then went makan at night
then stayed at jiujiu's place which is at bedok north..
the next day went bugis.. went with mummy, 8am..
damn early.. coz shes working at suntec city..
then we followed to her office, hanged around there..
around 11am+ walked to bugis.. havent open yet..
only like a few shops open only.. then walk around lor..
keep walking only lah.. non stop.. damn tired ad..
haha.. then after that in the afternoon we went orchard..
walk and walk and walk.. went orchard heeren..
for the job interview.. hmm.. not nervous leh actually..
hahaha. he'll call back if i got the job.. hmm
working hours are 11am-10pm daily..
6days a week, expected salary ($1,300-$1,500)
one year got 7 days leave. got year end bonus..
and commission based on shop's sales lor..
quite tiring lah.. but then.. just for interview..
then went far east plaza, peninsula plaza, chinatown..
no nice place.. i think i almost went all the places in singapore..
hahaha but then nothing one.. all place also almost same..
went back bugis, then walked to suntec city to meet mummy..
then walked to cityhall mrt interchange to take mrt to hougang..
then makan there then take cab to rivervale link..
to aunty anna's place... was so damn tired coz i walked the whole day..
leg damn pain.. muscles all very pain also.. hmm..
then after that took bus from rivervale back to bedok..
then the next day which is today.. haha..
i dont need to wake up so early coz im not followin mummy
to her office.. so i can sleep till late late only wake up.. haha
i slept till 11.30am.. only me alone at home.. nothing much to do also..
about 1.40pm i went blk 547's bus stand and wait for shelby..
i think she 2.30pm only reach.. which means i wait for her
almost an hour lo.. then after that we went back to pack our things
to go back jb.. we leave around 3 something lah..
tat time not very jam so ok lo.. then reach jb around 5 something..
hanged around cs.. Clark Hatch was having their roadshow there..
i went to ask them something bout it.. then we talked lo..
haha then the guy ask me wanna find job is it..
then he say Clark Hatch is employing ppl now..
as fitness consultant.. he ask me interested or not..
haha tmr going for interview.. yes!! i think this job not bad ah..
the basic salary he'll give is RM1,500 and will increase later on plus commission.
working hours are 10am-8pm, 6days work but sat or sun can off.
one year got 14 days leave, can use everything for free lah..
then those ppl there very friendly plus they speak english and
their big boss is ang moh named Nigel. hahaha xD
not bad ah this job.. can consider.. i think mostly they will employ me lah..
hahahahahaha... hope so..
p/s: we took alot of pics in singapore.. but was with shelby.. urgh..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ANTM random funny moments.

you guys should watch this. they imitated the ANTM.
damn funny! its hilarious. :DDD

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

130508 - CS

went cs today with yvonne and michelle.
was damn boreddd then called them up to meet..
michelle just finish her mid year exam so she can go out with us..
normally she cant one lar.. hahaha xD
hmm... cant think of a better place to go ad..
jb so boring.. no place to go.. went cs..
nothing to shop.. damn lala. hahahaha ;p
bought one yellow shorts :D
the exactly same with the one i saw in singapore.
and i wanted to buy so much that time but i didnt. haha
well, here is much more cheaper than sg..
i bought for like only 20 ringgit..
then in singapore is 15 dollars..
convert over here is like rm 30+
anyway.. nasib i didnt buy that time in sg..
ahhahaha.. will go sg again, next weeekk.. yay :D
oh ya.. and the week after.. again! haha xD

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tertiary Camp 2008 @ PD!!

whee! just got back from tertiary camp in pd.
was so damn fun!! hahaha.. theres another one coming..
on 28th and 29th of june.. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
hahahaha.. was so damn crazy lor we all..
like some mad asses. hahahah lol xD
went to the beach, went mamak, talked till late night..
had crazy breakfast,lunch,dinner times.. haha
very funny lah.. took lots of funny crazy pics..
hahahaha will post some soon. not with me yet..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Leona Lewis - Better in Time

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through
Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realise that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
I'm gonna be okay
Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I gonna smile coz' I deserve to
It'll all get better in time
I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something there to remind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that's the path I believe in
And I know that time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy you meant everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
I'm gonna be okay
Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is
I'll be fine without you
Yes I will.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


yesterday went yvonne's house wheeeee! was so damn bored at home i needa go out and take a fresh breath.
hahaha xD went and stayed over her place..
hahaha took quite alot of pics.. well, we have nothing
better to do.. and uhm.. yeah that was it...

Monday, May 5, 2008

sisters are gone :(

my sisters are gone! yeah, both of them.
was so damn lonely and bored since then..
i need someone to talk to me everyday now.. really!
hahaha if not i'll die of boredom one day..
trying to kill the time.. by sleeping yeah...
hahaha! becoming pig sooner or later..
haih~ wad to do.. will find something meaningful to do soon...
hmm, webcam-ed with them last night..
about 11pm-12am something.. over there is 3-4pm..
saw YAYA!(my cutie cousin) damn i miss him so much!!
they said uhm, they went church at sat early morning..
the church's youths were very friendly and are organizing
a welcome party for them. lucky biatches! haha xD
and they went to some places.. went london city..
visited the london eye, chinatown, and some other places..
hmm i wish i was there.. oh yeah.. once i already take my IELTS
im flying over too! cant wait to join the fun they had there..
cant wait to see my YAYA! well, hope they can cope the life there..
eh hey! i want some zara clothes leh.. post back to me.. hahaha xD