Avril Lavigne <3

Avril Lavigne <3

Friday, June 29, 2007

new!! :)

yesterday the post i mentioned bout the Silver Dove's shirt right.. so here theres two pic of it. nice right the Superman thingy one.. lolz.. i wan one too!!!!!!!!

haha! i've got new shoes!! glittering,shimmering,sparkling silver bling bling pumps!! eee so happy.. bought it today @ only RM19.90 cheap right.. i know coz now MEGA SALES!!! :p hehe.. today practiced ping-pong then won few games but captain ball i think we draw lor.. today din practice very well so the animals keep scoring.. maybe angeline wasnt there lor.. haihz.. monday is captainball competition ade.. so nervous lah.. but aiya, its only a game lah.. doesnt matter we win or lose.. i'll just do my best! :D haha today chinese chess competition.. junior one ah yi won! so earned points for Purple Eagle. then senior one yee long and ah jen draw lor.. both also win gold lah i think haha.. its weird but i dont know wad the decided to do.. a rematch or wad.. nvm lah.. haha.. today also tired lor.. everyone slept during chapel time hahaha.. lolz.. somemore when teacher kenson talking everyone was like ZzZzZ-ing... hehe..

"first" blogspot blog! :)

haha,first blogspot blog :) just signed up. lolz. i've used wretch n friendster blog. but this two sucks hahaha... so try out blogspot. hmm. but i am very sure i wont update my blog 24/7! haha! will try too lah.. ...since this monday till today, everyday we practiced sports for sports day.. and its so tiring but fun lah.. of course, can get away from PACES!!! hahaha... sports day coming lor.. next thursday.. and its so weird, coz its always friday.. uh okay nvm.. this doesnt matter but the thing that matters is friday is not a holiday!! damn.. i'll ponteng and treat it as a break after the sports day.. even if i go school,i'll say NO! to paces. wahahaha.. thats what everyone will do! lolz.. shyt lah, phone line kena barred. haiz.. stupid lah.. long story bout wad happened.. so piss off bout tat thing k.. haiz anyway its over... so sad cant use my phone.. cant sms,and its so torturin.. hahaha.. nvm i'll go and reload my prepaid one.. just for temporary use lah.. ohya! today the "doves" member went and check out their shirt. and its so nice! (even tho im not their team members lah) its really very very nice.. i'll take one pic and upload soon k coz the shirt is not ready yet but u guys have to see it! hahaha.. with the bling bling logo thingy.. nice nice.. wahh me promoting silver dove's shirt haha.. okay i hope our team purple eagle's shirt is not that bad too lah. we're goin to wear for like, forever. yah.. :D today played basketball lah, then talked to a stupid,lame 14-year-old-kid. but his basketball skill is very geng lor.. even though he's small and short.. wahh but when he play bball, chio ah.. hahaha.. ermm... oklah.. till here lah :) i'll update soon.. hopefully ^^