Avril Lavigne <3

Avril Lavigne <3

Sunday, September 21, 2008

TJC JB Youth Camp 08

Well, had our Youth Camp from 20-21 Sept. Stayed overnight in church on Sat night.
Had BBQ dinner on Sat night. It was fun. hahaha then after gao tim everything..
Then chit chatted awhile inside room with the girls till 4.30am.
Then the next day have to wake at freaking 7.30am. omg. not enough time to zz.
Anyway after morning prayer, breakfast, then set off to Sultan's Garden.
Man, damn hot wei.. had our telematches.. hahahahahahaha so fun man!
Didn't enjoy like this since forever.. lol but the sun is like so bright then the
weather is freakkkkinggg hot! Everyone was sunburned. But everyone enjoyed it.
Quite a lot of youths attended the camp. Over 20 maybe around 30..
After the telematches, went for lunch, after that went back church to pack our things
then balik kampung.. Everyone was like so tireddd after the half day activities..
Then reached home at about 5.30pm, mandi-ed then went to sleep at 6pm.
Woke up at 8pm coz the football match starts at 8.55pm.
Then faster wake up makan, then wait for Lin Fei to come and fetch me and bro.
Haih~ my fren ffk-ed me. Anyway.. It doesn't matter. hahas xD
Went to the mamak nearby Bock's house. Better than Aliff, the projector's clearer.
Then guess what, met Bock's dad there. hahaha heard from Bock that he's a
football fan also. haha damn nice. went there around 9.20pm. damn it.
Man U's Park Ji Sung already scored one. Then I'm like, wth...? damn.
So excited and nervous lah. And,... i was the only girl watching the epl there..
hahahaha.. Who cares...?
Drogba's injured previously so he wasn't in the first eleven. haih.
And then Terry's back, they forfeited his red card. Yes!!! :D
Then then then, Ballack's also injured. omg so pitiful.
I supported Chelsea coz of him. Because he is a German.
And I'm loyal Deutscher Fussball-Bund fan. ;)
Ballack missed a score. He went out and Kalou came in.
hiak hiak hiak and then Kalou scored one with his head!
That guy! Thought he was useless and noob.
Anyway, if it was Klose, sure in d one. lol
I thought that Drogba or Anelka will score.. but.. they didn't. zzz
So the match ended up 1-1 draw. A very exciting match.
I'm like so super tireddd now. Needa some rest. Time to zzz now. See ya

Friday, September 19, 2008

Chelsea vs Man U!

The most exciting match of the season...
Chelsea and Man U!! 21/09 9.55pm
already very nervous now. hahahaha
hope the blues will win this match!
*crosses fingers*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i couldn't have spacing in my blog posts. that sucks. omg =.= someone solve my problem puhleaseeeeeeeee!! zzz

5 types of foods that help you lose weight.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


hahaha so-too-over-bored + free, i decided to take out my guitar and learn Avril's songs. man, the guitar has so many dusts! haha, wiped it all already. it's been very long since i last played the guitar. lolx. a bit forgotten the chords already. nvm, i'll regain back my memory. lol.. "all of the memories so close to me just fade away..." - my happy ending. lol!
still finding Avril's When You're Gone piano piece. got the chords. but i want the notes! anyone who has please please please send to me or give me a copy! hehehe will be much appreciated. :) wanna buy Avril's songbook so much.. need to ship from US so it'll be super exp. haih. wanna buy Abbey Dawn from Kohl's also. all about $$$! haih~ "if i was a rich girl, say i have all the money in the world, if i was a wealthy girl..." - gwen s.

random quotes

Sad Love Quotes from dolliecrave.com
Sad Love Quotes from dolliecrave.com
Sad Love Quotes from dolliecrave.com
Sad Love Quotes from dolliecrave.com
Girly Quotes
Girly Quotes
Confidence Quotes from Dolliecrave.com
Confidence Quotes from Dolliecrave.com
Girly Quotes

ANTM cycle 11!

this is their theme for cycle 11.

people! ANTM cycle is out!! but till ep 3 only.. ep 4 is coming out tomorrow..
nice girls, but not really photogenic haha.. maybe its just the beginning.. so,
not that nice yet.. marjorie and elina is super super photogenic!!
analeigh and clark is pretty but not really that photogenic.
this cycle got one she-male.. lol
'she' was born a male, 'she' didnt go for the sexchange surgery, so 'she' doesnt
has boobs, and 'her' down there not really obvious.. 'she' got inject somekind of
thing de. but dont know what is it.. lol funny aint it. then got one jap mix korean
girl, grew up in us, had fake boobs. ahhh. she's a bit bitchy lah. lol all kinds of
girls also have.
aiting for ep 4 now! they having makeover in ep 4!! yay :D
elina in ep 3. best shot of all.
marjorie in ep2. she got the best shot for that week.
sheena, that jap mix korean girl who had fake boobs, but nice curves.
the she-male, isis her name.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


haven't been updating my blog since Avril's.. hahas
watched wall.e on last sat... the robots are cute but the storyline not tat nice..
the movie like no meaning one.. lol
still okay.. uhm then on sunday..
celebrated mid autumn with relatives all..
everyone came over our place to celeb..
and yeah watched Avril's concert dvd like, again!
i already watched a lot of times..
man, i miss her concert and i miss her :(
haha lurvee miss Avril. gonna catch her on her
new album tour.. wont be so soon..
maybe 2009 or early 2010. aiks...
still like long way to go.. wanna get her TBDT limited edition..
finished.. still waiting for the stocks to come..
so hot selling eh. hahaha..
then ytd went cs with ern. went neway for like 3 hours.
not enough. seriously too little time already. haha
then drop by clark hatch.. chatted with them..
miss my colleagues all.. hahahaha
they were like asking me to go back and work..
haha since i'm doing nothing everyday at home..
will consider.. maybe? hahas not as fitness consultant,
or mro, but as an instructor/trainer. haha
if possible. lolz! then so ngam papa and eric koko
brought the tinuhan members to cs to shop..
so i met them and went along with them..
after cs, went the store, which is so boredddd =X
then to anjung warisan.. if u know where it is..
its a nice place.. not quite many ppl even though
already buka puasa.. maybe all terlalu lapar so
already gao tim at home.. no strength to come out
and buy their dinner.. hahaha xD
after dinner, went danga bay..
went for one of the ride.. so slow.. not fast enough..
wasted my freaking 8bucks. hahaha
anyway... wanna play the pirate ship next time.
seems cool. hahaha well, till then! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Avril's Best Damn Concert in KL - pics

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Avril's Best Damn Concert in KL!

we rocked Avril's Best Damn Concert in Stadium Merdeka on 29/08!
the concert starts at 9pm but we went there to queue up at
2pm+ damn hot~ hahaha.. not many ppl during that time..
then the hotlink and maxis booths are just setting up..
hmm~ then slowly more and more ppl coming..
about 5pm then quite a lot ppl d..
for RM168 one not many.. RM268 also ok only..
RM338, RM188, RM138 a lot ppl!
i beratur-ed at the RM268 place..
but i went in to the RM338 place! haha xD
we're at the front rows!! just behind the vip!!
hahahahaha.. can see me in 8tv quickie wei..
lol.. tv3 pun interview us the fans club ppl yo..
damn chunz~ hahaha.. lots of ppl come take pics with us..
the fans club people.. coz we have like 7 banners!
damn big ones!! coooooool~
we went in at 7pm.. then after awhile..
rain awhile... not heavy rain lar..
then some random ppl give out raincoats la..
everyone was snatching for it mah..
damn got ppl pijak my foot. omg. damn..
lol!!!! nasib i got the raincoat also la.. hahaha..
then before the concert starts the rain already stop..
nasib.. huhu~ then the lights are off!!
everyone was like screaming!!!
then on the screen comes out the AVRIL graphic..
if u see her other concert tour, its the same..
then the drums and guitars playing..
then the dancers.. then here comes Avril!
Hey Hey You You I don't like your girlfriend!!
i freaked out people by my super high pitch voice.. lol!
having a very good time!
jumping and shouting! hahaha damn syok~
but i thought no jumping and shouting allowed?
lols who cares anyway. stuup.
bought Avril's Toronto Concert DVD!!
not out on the music stores yet!
now i wanna get the limited edition one..
with explicit lyrics one.. hahaha
waiting.. still waiting...
people! i tell you, Avril is really very pretty!
love her pink guitar! and her mic is like so exclusive lo!
diamonds, pink, bling bling. fuuyoh damn nice..
she even bought her pink piano here!
everything also pink! damn nice..
to go with her theme, i painted my nails black n pink!
damn nice~ xD
i wanna catch her in sg if i could! low on cash :(
check this out :- www.avrillavigne.my

malacca trip with pj youths!

during merdeka holidays (30th and 31st),
pj youths had an outing to malacca..
attended Sabbath service at mlk church then went
to Jonker street at night...
fuhhh~ damn many ppl lo..
ate the famous nyonya chendol! yum yum

bought one shades with lil bibi! haha

act is RM15 but then bargained till RM13..
consider cheap ad lar.. i bought big shades..
while lil bibi bought the aviator one..
damn nice lah his one~ huhu i want too!
oh yeah~ he did line dance with the aunties n uncles!
hahahahahahahahahahahaha =p
then next day walk around Jonker street also..
makan the famous chicken rice..

then tour around lo.. took tons of pics~

is with lil bibi! hahahaha..
we went mahkota parade... to have Baskin Robbins!
coz its the 31st! i ate 1 quart and 1 pint all by myself!
geng leh.. altogether 1050 grams!
wuahaha.. damn fattening... damn it.. lol

and was so tanned coz malacca is so damn hot!

wakao! can boil eggs d.. but overall, it was a fun trip!

kl trip!

went to kl for like 10 days!! wheeeeeeeeeee fun fun xD
rocked Avril's concert, went for shopping spree..
midvalley,times square,1u,bkt tinggi jusco, the curve..
chunz~~ damn fun heheh
spent a lot of $$.. now broke ad.. T_T
will blog one post bout Avril's concert! ;)
back to jb... huhu no more time to have fun.. haha
need to save $ for the next shopping spree!!
sushi king - times square

eunice adrielle diva loves Avril Lavigne - sg wang

fish spa - times squarekelvin doing temp tatts for me - sg wang

AVRIL - tattoo family

too much of shopping. 1 bag to KL, 7 bags back to JB.