Avril Lavigne <3

Avril Lavigne <3

Friday, June 27, 2008


yeah yeah yeah i worked for one month d.. hehe
happy happy happy.. no longer a fitness consultant..
transferred to member relation officer d starting next mon.
yes yes! hahaha.. will be travelling cs and permas..
hmm.. today till sun not working.. hahaha
but.. today worked for yfaunty in her elle counter in parkson.
stood for the whole day. legs damn tired lah kao~
then tmr after youth service will be going up kl..
then sunday evening back jb, then mon work at 9am!
oh no... no time to rest also.. zzz
hahaha bought contact lens today. hehe
amethyst, true sapphire and gray. nice nice :D
hope to get my Germany football jersey ASAP!!
p/s: Germany gonna win Euro 2008!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


jusco permas 6 days roadshow canceled!!!
wuahahahahaha.. today went cs for roadshow..
lousy location, infront of padini. totally no ppl will stop by.
only a few. can count with ur fingers also. hahaha
work from 10am-9.30pm. hmm met A LOT of frens!!
benjamin ong,jeffrey,weilong,christine,joy,beatrice,nicholas,
yeelong,reuben,justin,........... bla bla bla forgotten d..
hahahas xD hmm stood the whole day.. legs are tired..
lol came back. got my P license. happy happy :D
tmr back to permas. hmm me alone.. joanne's off day..
while cann is at cs' roadshow.. got two sales today!
but both also monthly.. wth..? hahaha
at least better than nothing... woohooo!!!
hehehe ate mcd happy meal, got the snake viper toy!
so super cute. haha.. actually got ad the day before..
but then is for joey.. today eat again and got another one..
when jana wants then no more stock d.. hahahaha xD
so see ya! will update again anytime soon!!! tc! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008


off day!!!
today is my off day coz i cant get tmr coz tmr got roadshow..
wth... damn it.. six day roadshows.. working from 10am-10pm..
this job is no life man.. damn!! so damn tiring!!
salary not even close to 2k. wthhhh!!!
feel like quitting.. maybe..? soon..? hope so..
Germany lost to Croatia!!! how could it be?
somemore Bastian got red card wth!
he cant play for the next match against Austria!!!
damn.. why.. why did Germany lost...
oh noooooo.... haih~~
they'll win the next match against Austria..
cant get to watch all the matches.. so late at night..
then have to wake super early in the morning.. zzz..

Monday, June 9, 2008

driving test!!!

oh yeah yeah so happy.. hehehe..
one time only ler.. lol... sorry guys for not updating..
everyday back home late then was like super tired..
damn it.. damn tiring.. haih~~
i was transferred to permas d.. for about one month..
if its okay maybe will continue if not then back to cs lo..
planning to transfer to trainer after this month..
hmm... still thinking.. hahaha xD
anyway, just bear it.. hahahaha...
work in permas is so boring!! equipments are limited..
how to work out?! hahaha.. i wan that for abs man!
urgh oh ya sorry for the uber late update..
really lazy to online.. most of the time i have im
sleeping.. ahah.. time is precious.. oh no man..
i use to waste alot of times and now i know.. ahaha
alright, i'll update again.. promise.
but dont know when. hahah see ya :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

last day of roadshow!!

last day of roadshowww!!! 01.06.2008
today cs damn many people lah.. crazy one..
the straits time organized a sudoko competition..
i dont know how to play sudoko leh. hahah
so complicated.. lol.. anyway, not interested.. haha
then some buddhist organization came and collect
donation for the china's earthquake.. shi chuan is it..
hmm infront of our booth only..
today club quite a lot ppl lor.. more than usually lah.
erm.. today got 2 sales! wheeeee! hehehe
met some friends.. haha.. brought them to club.
might be signing up!! hahaha xD
tmr onwards will be working in office..
call people and make appointments...
sounds bored...? ahhaha ok only lar...
might be transferring to permas' clark hatch..
but i dont want.. hahaha.. maybe only...
not sure yet.. i will reject him.. tell him i dont want go there..
lol not fun one.. cs one nicer and bigger..
everything better than the permas' side..
anyway,,,, see how first lor... zzz
last night went cs and watched Indiana Jones.
not bad lah.. ok only lo... hahaha..
no other movies d.. all very late one...
somemore a lot horror movie.. lol..
waiting for The Dark Knight to screen!!
looks so cool. badman's movies are always cool. haha
well well, tmr cann and joanne will b transfer back
to permas.. oh so sad.. oh big sis cann is leaving us..
hahaha today got one new colleague, vivian.
from kuantan but was working in kl for 8 yrs d.
just came to jb for 1 month. she's 26 yrs old.
ahahah hope she doesnt read this post..
okay, i'll post anytime soon again!!! :D